Riordon Bullock Genealogy Offline

Our family tree has been available online for many years. Our idea was to openly share our family ancestry with others in the hopes that others would share theirs with us. This would help us all learn more about our families. Over the years we’ve had many requests for information, however most seem unwilling to share their information.

Along with family privacy concerns, we felt it best at this time to remove our family tree.

If you are related to the Riordon or Bullock families, and would like to know more about your ancestry, us the contact form. In your request:

  1. clearly explain how you are related to us and
  2. outline what specific information you are looking for.

We ask that you in turn help us fill in any missing information from our family tree. All information will be kept private and will not be posted online. We will only pass along information to relatives.

Thank you for your understanding.

One thought on “Riordon Bullock Genealogy Offline

  1. Katharine Billingsley-Pooler

    I was privileged to be able to read the Riordon Bullock Genealogy some time ago. I did notice however under my grandmother Mary Lillian Seager who was married to Archbishop Charles Allen Seager that my mother, their daughter, Marion Gertrude Seager who was married to Rev. Jeffrey Billingsley had only my brother David Wilfred listed as their offspring. I am their daughter although not by blood but through adoption which was finalized as of November 19th, 1951. I would greatly appreciate it if you would furnish me with further information on my grandmother’s side of the family. Many thanks.

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